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SILIUS - Hell Awakening Review

SILIUS - Hell Awakening

Massacre Records

SILIUS is a new band that comes from Austria. The band started in autumn 2013 by the musicians Ralph (drums), Haui (lead guitar), Mex (rhythm guitar), Martin (bass) and Matthias (vocals) who wanted from the beginning to play thrash metal inspired by their heroes as metal fans. In 2015 the band released the demo “DEMOn” which made them known in the metal scene of their country. Actually their talent and their dynamic were very early recognized and the proof of that is that they won the Metalchamp (an Austrian contest for metal bands) in 2015, and also won the Wacken Metal Battle. All these made Massacre Records notice them and offer them the opportunity to release their debut studio album which I am about to present to you.

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Τα χρονικά της Αντάκρης

Τα χρονικά της Αντάκρης

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Όταν ένα βιβλίο που απευθύνεται σε παιδικές και εφηβικές ηλικίες καταφέρνει να σου κρατήσει το ενδιαφέρον μέχρι το τέλος, τότε ο συγγραφέας του έχει κάνει καλή δουλειά. Μου άρεσε η ιστορία της Ευγενίας και των φίλων της στον μαγικό κόσμο της Αντάκρης σε σημείο που αποφάσισα να αποκτήσω και τη συνέχεια της ιστορίας τους. Η φαντασία του Κώστα Ζαφειρίου έχει επιρροές από τον Στηβεν Κινγκ (Μαύρος Πύργος), τον Τόλκιν και ίσως του George R.R. MArtin. Θα μπορούσε ίσως να εισάγει στο έργο του ο συγγραφέας περισσότερα στοιχεία από την Ελληνική και Βαλκανική παράδοση.

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Punishment 18 Records

Some years back was the first time that RUNNING DEATH came into my attention. Actually a good friend of mine who is into the heavy metal business proposed to me to check out and buy the EP of the band “The Call of the Extinction”. So I did. After listening to this work I realized that I had in my hands a group of musicians that are talented and skillful and most importantly they manage to transform their influences into their own personal style. So, after the EP, I have now the opportunity to check out the progress of the band since I was asked to do a presentation of their sophomore release.

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PEREPLUT (Переплут) – At the Ancient Times (В стародавние года...) Review

PEREPLUT (Переплут) – At the Ancient Times (В стародавние года...)

Stygian Crypt Productions

PEREPLUT were founded in November 2011 and they come from Tomsk, Russia. From their first steps the band wanted to move on folk metal paths and since their early days they wanted to play folk metal music in a much heavier way, although they had difficulty in finding musicians to play folk instruments. Patience is a virtue and step by step the group managed to find the proper musicians. However from February 2012 until the release of their first EP many lineup changes had occurred which have affected the band both in a negative and positive way. So as I mentioned the band in 2015 managed to release an EP and in 2016 a single. Also in 2015 and 2016 managed to play some concerts in their country and all these attracted the attention of Stygian Crypt Productions who offered them a contract to release their debut album which I am about to present to you.

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Wail released debut album

Norwegian Heavy Metal band WAIL released their debut album «Resilient». The album was recorded by Kjartan Hesthagen and Chris Skjenken. Produced by Kjartan Hesthagen and Ronni Le Tekrø.

WAIL  was formed in 2008 at Lillehammer, Norway under the name "Mental Shutdown" but in 2015 the band changed the name and begin the work on the debut album.

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SINCARNATE - In Nomine Homini Review

SINCARNATE - In Nomine Homini


SINCARNATE is a strong 5 member extreme metal band from ROMANIA and now one of my favorites from this land along with THE WAKE and GOTHIC.

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DOWNCAST TWILIGHT – Under the Wings of the Aquila Review

DOWNCAST TWILIGHT – Under the Wings of the Aquila

Stygian Crypt Productions

DOWNCAST TWILIGHT originate from the United Kingdom, but there is also a Greek element here. Actually the band was an idea and was founded by mixing and mastering engineer OGrego who asked the help of the Greek author Marios Koutsoukos (he has written some really good novels) on the lyrical part. So, two years after the creation of the band DOWNCAST TWILIGHT released their debut album under the title “Under the Wings of the Aquila”.

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Old Sparky released debut EP

French Death/Thrash Metal band Old Sparky released their debut self-titled EP. The release was recorded, mixed and masterised at "Hybreed Studios" by Andrew Guillotin.

Old Sparky was formed in 2016 at Paris, France by Charles Smith (bass) and Florent Marie (guitar/vocals) that want to play Thrash Metal with Death Metal influences. Later this year Thin Lazy (guitar) and Jake Dyn (drums) joined the band and the lineup was complete.

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DUNGEON WOLF – Slavery or Steel Review

DUNGEON WOLF – Slavery or Steel


I think that we have to make some points about the social background of heavy metal music in order to understand what DUNGEON WOLF are doing here with their debut album. You see metal music was born in the town of Birmingham, United Kingdom. This was a town that in 20th century had many industries and of course it was a town full of workers. It is from that working class that metal started and it was the music which helped the youth back then to express their objection to the oppression they felt or even provoke the structures of the preservative society. Also it worked as a way to escape from reality. I think all these are elements that I personally miss from the heavy metal music which was actually turned into heavy metal music industry and cares mostly about the sales and always tries to be politically correct in order to do so. Thank god, however, the underground has always been the core that kept this music alive even in the most difficult times. DUNGEON WOLF as their name suggests are a child of this underground heavy metal movement.

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KRULL – Metal Swords and Fire EP Review

KRULL – Metal Swords and Fire EP


KRULL from Brazil have a rather complicated story, because they have changed quite a few names in order to end to this one which If I am not mistaken is taken by the great fantasy/science fiction movie of the 80’s (yes you have to see this film If you haven’t till now). Anyway, the band started in mid 1998 (the late 90’s were a great era for the heavy metal sound) under the name SUPREMA which in 2001 changed into ETERNAL FATE. Under this name they released 3 EPs with the titles “Warrior Angel” in 2003, “Promised Land” in 2005 and “Metal Swords and Fire” in 2008. The last one actually helped the band to be noticed by the underground metal scene. The band split up in 2014 and it came back in 2015 under a new name and lineup. Yep, the name is KRULL.

Enemy of Reality ζωντανά στην Αθήνα

Enemy of Reality ζωντανά στην Αθήνα
Special guest: Fortis Ventus
Στο Temple (Ιάκχου 17, Γκάζι, Αθήνα)
Παρασκευή 23 Φεβρουαρίου
Πόρτες: 21:00
Event page:

• Προπώληση:  8€
• Ταμείο: 10€

ΣΗΜΕΙΑ ΠΡΟΠΩΛΗΣΗΣ (η έναρξή της θα ανακοινωθεί σύντομα):
Τηλεφωνικά στο 11876
• Reload Stores
• Media Markt
• Seven Spots
Βιβλιοπωλείο Ευριπίδης
• Viva Kiosks (Συνταγμα & Τεχνόπολις)
• Ηλεκτρονική προπώληση: https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/temple/enemy-of-reality-fortis-ventus

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MOONSCAPE - Entity Review



MOONSCAPE is a solo project conceived by Håvard Lunde. A mastermind, a maestro, a super creator of a monumental and fantastic release.

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REFLECTION - Bleed Babylon Bleed Review

REFLECTION - Bleed Babylon Bleed

 Pitch Black Records

This is the fourth release of this legendary Greek heavy metal band, with a few additions in the line up since 3/5 of the band changed. This band amazes us by deploying and uniting a great epic metal concept with Greek popular folk melodies and virtuosity.

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FATAL CLICHÉ – Commonplays Review

FATAL CLICHÉ – Commonplays


FATAL CLICHÉ is a very talented 5 member melodic symphonic rock band from Roma, Italy with very powerful music, fantastic female vocals and super melodic songs.

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Tartarum released new album

Cyprus Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal band Tartarum released their new album "Tales of Ancient Times". The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexis Yiangoullis at his home studio.

Tartarum was formed in April 2014 by the name "KHRYSAOR" in the island of Cyprus by Alexis Yiangoulis and Thirsos Makloklas. Later in 2015 the band released their debut album named "Chaos". In 2017 the recordings of the new album are finished and the guys decided to rename the band to Tartarum for a fresh start with new band members.