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Legendary US Power Thrashers HEXX have inked a new two album record deal with Germany’s High Roller Records. The band is currently working on twelve new songs with producer Bart Gabriel (CRYSTAL VIPER, BURNING STARR, MYTHRA), who also produced band's latest single "Tyrants Of Steel" (split with RUTHLESS). The new album will showcase the band's return to their roots, and the style they are known for from their early classic albums "Under The Spell" and "No Escape". The album will be entitled "Wrath Of The Reaper", and has been scheduled for the release in the Spring/Summer of 2017.

Τρίτη, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

ICY STEEL - Through the Ashes Review

ICY STEEL - Through the Ashes
ICY STEEL is a band from Italy that I follow from their debut album and I actually have all of their releases so far, since they play my favorite Italian epic metal sound. In 2012 they released their previous album under the title “Krònothor”. It seems that in all these years they haven’t given up, but they worked hard and as a result, they will soon release their fourth studio album which will be a double CD.

Δευτέρα, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Legendary Early SORTILEGE Albums To Be Reissued By No Remorse Records

"SORTILEGE - the best French Metal had to offer. Timeless classics!" - this quote from a Deaf Forever magazine journalist, Michael Kohsiek, pretty much sums up the status of Sortilege. The French Metal cult act formed in 1981, released their debut same titled EP in 1983, and the amazing debut album entitled "Metamorphose" one year later. Both releases quickly gained cult status, and are known nowadays as some of the the most important - if not the most important - Heavy Metal releases from France.

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The fourth volume of the Mister Folk compilation is now available, with the aim to spread underground (and not only) folk and pagan metal music.

This year 21 bands were chosen to represent the best of the international scene, between whom you can find Skyforger with their somg Rāmava from their album Senprūsija.

As for all the previous editions, the fantastic artwork was made by the Italian artist Elisa Urbinati.

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VALTIKAN – Exordium Review

VALTIKAN – Exordium
Sepulchral Silence
Before I enter the presentation of this album, I think that some history lessons about the band are necessary since this is their debut release. The band started in 2011 under the name DEMONHEART which soon changed into VALTIKAN. As the band says, they took their name from the song "Mustan Valtikan Aika" of the Finnish band, KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI, which is a choice that they didn’t make accidentally.

Δευτέρα, 19 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

TAMOANCHAN – Tlamatinime EP Review

TAMOANCHAN – Tlamatinime EP
Sepulchral Silence
This is a solo project of the Mexican musician Dámaso Salazar, also member of the bands CAMAXTLI YOXIPPA & CABRACAN who play folk death metal (have this in mind). In the fall of 2015 Damasco came with the idea or inspiration if you prefer to create a sound that will fuse the old traditional music and rituals of his country with doom and even stoner metal. The final effort of his inspiration you can find in this album which I am about to present to you.

Σάββατο, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

SINISTER reveal first album details, including artwork

Death Metal outfit SINISTER will release a new album called "Syncretism" on February 24, 2017 via Massacre Records!

EISREGEN announce concept album

Germany's leading extreme metal band EISREGEN will release the new and 12th studio album "Fleischfilm" in early May 2017! It's going to be the first concept album in the band's history: The band pays homage to the wild Italian cinema of the 1970's and 1980's.

Deathvalves - Crawl In The Night (Official Lyric Video)

Ακούστε το "Crawl In The Night" από τους Deathvalves εν όψη της κυκλοφορίας του νέου τους άλμπουμ "Dark Stories From The Past" στις 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2016 από τη New Dream Records.

SadDoLLs - Jigsaw (Tribute To SAW) 4K

Παρασκευή, 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

VANISHING POINT to re-issue "Tangled In Dream" album as 2-CD Special Edition!

"Tangled In Dream", the 2000 released album by Australian melodic progressive metal band VANISHING POINT, will be re-issued as 2-CD Special Edition on January 27th 2017. After being out of print since years and also not available digitally, this new edition finally allows to (re-)discover one of the early 2000's most impressive releases of the genre.

Σόλομον Κέιν: Κόκκινες σκιές

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Τον Χάουαρντ κι εγώ τον γνώρισα από τον Κόναν. Κι ενώ αδιαμφισβήτητα είναι ο πιο "δυνατός" του χαρακτήρας, ήταν ταυτόχρονα και ο πιο υπερβατικός από την άποψη ότι ήταν κάτι σαν ημίθεος. Από την άλλη ο Σόλομον Κέιν είναι πιο ανθρώπινος και εν αντιθέσει με τον τυχοδιώκτη Κόναν, έχει έναν προσωπικό κώδικα τιμής που καθορίζεται από το γεγονός ότι είναι πουριτανός. Παρόλα αυτά είναι κι ένας αντιφατικός χαρακτήρας, από τη μια θρησκευόμενος, αλλά από την άλλη δείχνει να αποδέχεται κάποιες από τις αλήθειες της επιστήμης της εποχής του όπως και τις παραδόσεις άλλων πολιτισμών. Στις ιστορίες του Κέιν επίσης το υπερφυσικό στοιχείο είναι έντονο αλλά επίσης υπάρχουν δυνατές "επικές" στιγμές. Τέλος είναι εκπληκτικός ο τρόπος γραφής του Χάουαρντ που ενώ είναι άμεσος γίνεται ταυτόχρονα ποιητικός. Να μην κουράζω άλλο, ΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΡΓΗΜΑ!!!!

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FIBRA DE ACERO - En tiempos de Guerra Review

FIBRA DE ACERO - En tiempos de Guerra
Sepulchral Silence
We will stay in Latin America and move to Chile this time. The band I will present TO you here is FIBRA DE ACERO and it was created in 2014. Since then the band has passed through a lot OF lineup changes, but if I am not mistaken they did their first live gig in 2015. This is their debut album, which has the originality to be a live recording with only the exceptions being the last two songs which were recorded in a studio.